What Is A Sag-Aftra Student Film Agreement

When a company becomes a signatory, it accepts the working conditions of the professionals represented, protected and rented under the basic contractual contracts. These include: Short project agreements cover films with a total budget of less than $50,000 and a maximum duration of 40 minutes. Unlike other SAG daily rates, actors` salaries are fully negotiable. SAG student film agreements cover films with a budget of less than $35,000, a maximum duration of 35 minutes, and producers currently studying at an accredited U.S. university. As with the SAG short project agreement, there is no fixed SAG weekly scale or even a fixed daily rate – this is negotiable. There are 6 types of theater chords. All are determined by the level of the budget: SAG-AFTRA offers Moderate Low Budget Project filmmakers two casting incentives that can increase the maximum overall production cost. One is the diversity incentive in casting that we mentioned in the Section of the Low Budget Agreement, and the other is an incentive for substantive actors, which increases total production costs up to a maximum of $112,000. This agreement also requires that residues be paid in accordance with the guidelines and subsequent tariff calculations of the basic agreement once the remaining requirements are met and payment must begin.

The Moderate Low Budget Project Agreement (MPA) covers non-episodic content productions with a budget between $300,000 and $700,000 shot entirely in the United States. The contract must be concluded at least 1 week before each work of the performers. The AMP applies to films originally released in one of the following films, but a first release in one of the following films is not required: While this agreement may seem to apply perfectly to your film, it is important to note that you must first release your film in theaters to be eligible….

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