Violation Of Lease Agreement By Landlord

While many Americans own their homes, there is still a large portion of the population that lives in rented or leased real estate. Depending on the location, the houses can be very expensive. Leasing is great in that it allows people to live in these expensive neighborhoods without buying houses. It also gives them the opportunity to get an idea of the community before committing to buying real estate in the area. For some, leasing simply means that they can sleep at night with a roof over their heads. I already signed a 12-month lease in Greenfield apartments in July that says I only pay for water and electricity. Well, I`m about 5 months into my lease and I get a message from them telling me I`ll pay the gas for December and the first payment due the first of the year. It is not in my lease. My lease doesn`t say pay for gas for six months…. I didn`t sign up!! My main reason for signing this lease was that I didn`t have to pay for gas! Can you do it? Isn`t that a violation of my lease? What can I do? There are several minor and important ways to know how an owner can violate the lease. A few examples are: If a tenant breaks a tenancy agreement without legally protected reason, the lessor can sue the tenant for damages.

However, the owner must mitigate the damage by trying to lease the unit. If the lessor is beyond what is left of the tenant`s deposit, the landlord can sue the tenant for the period during which the unit has remained free on the search costs of a new tenant and on the legal fees, provided it is provided in the tenancy agreement. Holding Over: The landlord can market tenants who remain on the land after the next lease. Unfortunately, some rental violations are so small that they do not even register on the radars of most homeowners. However, it is worth knowing if a tenant is violating the rental agreement. Animals can cause serious damage to your property, so most owners have a strict pet policy that tenants must follow. Make sure this policy is displayed in your rental agreement, along with a detailed description of the consequences the tenant faces if they have an unauthorized pet on their property.

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