Severn Trent Water Build Over Agreement

Severn Trent Water says anyone wishing to build above or within three metres of a public canal must have written permission before starting work. Building above or near a sewer pipe could damage the pipe itself or your home. This can lead to higher costs for our customers and serious disruption. Therefore, if there are pipelines on your property, you should consider the position, size and design of your work before you start and contact us before work begins. The site of many public sewers laid after 1937 is known severn Trent Water. Warwick Borough Council has a number of maps that can be posted by anyone wishing to check if a canal is close to their property. Just come to the Riverside House reception to ask for the channel cards for your address. Unfortunately, for old sewers (installed before 1937) and for sewers introduced in 2011, it is not always known where they are going. Some of these older sewers are shown on public sewer maps, but many are not. This can be a problem if it comes to expansion, as sewers can only be found during construction.

If a public canal is discovered during construction, a request must be made to Severn Trent Water if you are building above or within 3 meters. For all development or extension applications, we will review the channel cards when processing the application. If we find a channel nearby, we will let you know as soon as possible. All water companies have legal rights to access public sewers on private land. These include sewers located under or near a property. If the construction permit has been granted by a canal, Severn Trent will still attempt to reach the canal without disturbing the terrain. If this is unavoidable, they will repair all the damage done in reason. If a canal has been built without consent, Severn Trent has the right to reach and protect sewers by any means they deem appropriate. In extreme circumstances, this may include the requirement that all buildings involving public sewers be modified or removed at the expense of the homeowner. If you are doing work within 3 metres of a public canal, you must enter into a construction agreement with the wastewater officer. If you know of a channel that will be affected, you can start this process before you start the proposed work, either by contacting Severn Trent Water or Thames Water. In cases where work has begun and the developer/owner has not contacted the wastewater officer and it is obvious for the building inspection that the work is within 3 m of a public sewer, we have a legal obligation to consult the water authority on your behalf.

The water department will contact you when it has special requirements for your work.

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