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Electric Eel Wheel 2 – An Electric Spinning Wheel

I’ve just finished the second version of my electric spinning wheel. My previous versions have more explanation of how electric spinning wheels work see here and here. I decided to use the original name of Electric Eel Wheel 2. (sarcasm)I really like this new idea I came up with of adding a “2” for the second version of a product. Good thing I open source my ideas, perhaps other products will start copying me on this great idea. (/sarcasm)

There a lot of improvements in the new version. Here’s a list:

  • Much high quality of motor with longer life
  • Lots of changes to greatly reduce noise (quiet running motor, nylon flanges, …)
  • Motor controller runs at lower temperatures
  • No soldering required so the kits easier to assemble
  • Custom enclosure to protect the electronics and create a more professional appearance
  • Larger bobbins (hold over 8 oz)

For lots of details like build guide, FAQs, and a link to a store that sells the Electric Eel Wheel visit the project’s main page.

Here is a video of the Electric Eel Wheel 2 being used:

Here are a few pics:

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