Which sensor is fast enough for little explosions?

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Re: Which sensor is fast enough for little explosions?

Postby alan sailer » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:59 am


I made a mistake in my previous post. The diameter is 10mm.

Any 10mm IR LED, I don't recommend a laser. IR laser are expensive and hard to aim. In addition, a laser is affected by vibration more than an LED.


In theory using the electrical signal form the igniter might work.

Three issues.

In my set-up the ignition is a 5000V pulse. Nasty interface problem...

There is a non-significant delay between the pulse and the start of an explosive chemical reaction. This delay can vary from shot to shot and depends on the style of igniter. An Ematch vs EBW (electronic bridge wire) vs whatever all have unique characteristics and delays.

Even if you have a consistent igniter depending on what you are blowing up, the delay between firing the explosive and the debris reaching the "correct" distance will vary depending on the target. For an extreme example, a watermelon will splatter much more slowly compared to a Christmas ornament.

So there is no technical reason why using the igniter signal won't work, it will be much harder to time the flash to the perfect moment.*

Hope this makes sense.


* It's possible that commercial igniters are very predictable. But I have no experience with them. You would still have the target variability issue.

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Re: Which sensor is fast enough for little explosions?

Postby Jijil » Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:11 pm

alan sailer wrote:Hope this makes sense.

It does, thank you :)


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