Where do you get your custom enclosures?

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Where do you get your custom enclosures?

Postby binaryonfire » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:52 am


First, its nice to know a former Milwaukeean is doing something this amazing in open source hardware. Yay MSOE, there's hope! Thanks for everything you've done!

I would like to know where you got the custom enclosure for the Camera Axe 4. I am interested in making an enclosure that mounts to the hot shoe of a flash so I can mount sensors and play with concepts like making my own pocket wizards.
Many manufacturers seem to use some variation of the threaded plastic tube with the nut to lock a device down on the shoe. Thing is, I can't find such a beast anywhere. The closest I found were hot shoe to tripod thread adapters from Hong Kong.
Maybe you can point me in the direction of a company that can fabricate these, or knows where I can get it pre-made (someone has to make em for pocket wizard, lumopro, etc. right?!)

Right now I'm looking at eMachine shop and experimenting with their CAD, but wow thats not cheap at allll!

Thanks much!

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Re: Where do you get your custom enclosures?

Postby Maurice » Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:48 am


I think you have me at a disadvantage since it seems you know me, but I don't know you Mr. BinaryOnFire. I wonder if I know you from my days at MSOE if you just found that I attended there via google. Feel free to email or send me a private message if you want to reminisce :)

I use polycase for my enclosures. Like all manufactures I found they are expensive for a few because of the setup fee, but if you make 100+ it gets reasonable. I ordered 250 Camera Axe cases in my last batch and I think the cost per case was something like $8. They wouldn't assemble exactly what you want, but if you could glue or screw a hotshoe to the bottom of a case then you might be able to use their cases. I think the only way to get something as professional looking as the pocket wizard (or even the cheap knockoffs on ebay) is to go with injection molding. The problem with injection molding is you need large batches (ie 1000s) to make it cheap, but then it gets very cheap.

The first prototypes for the Camera Axe I always just made myself with a dremel to make sure all the dimensions were correct and that everything worked as expected.

ZebraFlash has a lot of hotshoe accessories that might help with a prototype, but nothing there would handle ttl.

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Re: Where do you get your custom enclosures?

Postby binaryonfire » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:05 am

Hey, thanks for the info!

The name is Jon Pauli. I was pretty impressed at the overall level of robotics work (especially the flying vehicle idea) and I had a feeling you aren't the typical hobbyist, so I just hacked off the URI path. Your resume is on your site. Didn't even have to use google! I'm a pre-med student at UWM. Used to be a compsci. It was OK in principle, but didn't want to end up writing glue code for some failing Wi manufacturing company. I became a firefighter/EMT where every day I'm reminded of Wisconsin's proud legacy of being number ONE in drunk driving, and drinking in general. So I was just REALLY excited to see that someone from MSOE did something cool and worked for AMD and ATI. Its also cool you worked on folding@home. I worked on Einstein@home briefly during the same time period. WMSE is still the best radio station in Milwaukee.

Thanks for the info. I think someday I will have polycase do some injection moulded hot shoe pieces that can be used in a project box. I also approached LumoPro about buying some of theirs, as they seem to be very strobist/innovation friendly. For now I think I'm gonna end up with cutting my own plexi and gluing the metal hot shoe to tripod stand adapters to the case. Not ideal, but won't cost a $1,000 either!!

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Re: Where do you get your custom enclosures?

Postby azskies » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:40 pm

You might be able to use this by drilling holes in your case and using the threaded holes in this replacement Canon Speedlite 155A flash shoe. There are also a couple of locating lugs that could help it from twisting stresses. You might need to make up a couple of metal "springs" that usually make contact with the sides of the camera flash shoe but wouldn't really be neccesary since its the clamping action of the ring against the camera shoe that holds it in place. I recently purchased from this supplier and recieved great service... http://www.uscamera.com/155.htm Hope this is helpful for your quest for a mount...

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Re: Where do you get your custom enclosures?

Postby brdufresne » Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:07 am

@ Binaryonfire, I'm not going to solicit on this blog, however, your inquiry fits our service we offer in making custom enclosures with no tooling or molds. Feel free to explore our site www.envplastics.com and learn more about our No Molds Required Technology.
Thanks - Good luck!

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