Question re flash trigger

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Question re flash trigger

Postby kvwood » Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:07 pm

I am a newcomer and admittedly inexperienced with arduino's. I am an astrophotographer ( and am interested in shifting my focus from the macro to the micro, and will be purchasing a Camera Axe in the next few weeks. I thought it might be best to gain a better understanding of arduino's and the circuitry involved in something like a camera flash laser trigger, prior to taking the Camera Axe leap.

I have put together Maurice's circuit for both the laser sensor and the flash trigger. I can get the flash to go off when I use the reset button on the Arduino Uno, or when I disconnect and reconnect the ground on the photosensor. Otherwise, it will not go off via the laser sensor.

The laser will not run when it is attached to digital 5, as per instructions, but is functional when I put the positive lead directly into 5V supply.

Photosensor leads show 5V between red and black(after 10k resistor) and when I check the green lead, which runs to analog 0, it shows 1 volt with ambient light, and 4 volts in the dark.

Here is the Maurice's post showing the schematics I used:

Attached below are some pictures showing the construction, as well as schematics. (Please don't laugh too hard at the soldering :-(
If anyone has the time to take a quick look, I would welcome any suggestions. Again, I cannot get the laser to power up using digital 5, nor can I get the flash to go off with the trigger.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Question re flash trigger

Postby Maurice » Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:16 am

That's old stuff :)

From your description it kind of sounds like the values you are checking for in the code to do the trigger are always being met. I suggest adding some debug code to print out the current values from the sensor and see if you can adjust the threshold value.

If you want you can move this question to the Camera Axe forums. Anything photography related is fine to bring up there and a more people look at that forum.

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