CA5 shield pinout query

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CA5 shield pinout query

Postby Opto-Mystic » Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:50 pm

Trying to understand how it works, I have a couple of queries on the pin designations on the schematic.
Some of this may be obvious to those of you who are familiar with the unit but I am a little perplexed...

Referring to the attachment, I follow most of it but am confused by some annotations.
1) Bank marked 'a': which pins on the Arduino uno are these using?
2) ANG, I am assuming to mean Analogue.
3) 01-5 on HW_RX. I don't understand. It would make sense if it were just '1'. Likewise 01-7 against LCD_BL_POW.
4) DIG_8-13. Not used?

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